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Do you have a passion for the Brazilian sounds? Would you like to have a musical challenge? If that's the case, 'Escola de Samba' is something you'd like! It doesn't matter if your young or old read more........, bringing lot's of experiences or just starting in percussion music, together with the members of our school we will warm your heart during our lessons on Thursday evening at 19.45 uur.

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Get acquainted on a spectacular way with the traditional music and dance from Brazil! Animada will in coöperation with The Brazilian Company take care for several shows, demonstrations, workshops and performances by all kind of events.

Animada consists of Samba dancers (dressed in the famous Carnival costumes), percussionists and capoeirista’s (capoeira-"dancers") The complete show exits of live music (percussion), samba, capoeira and maculelê (dancing with sticks).

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